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*UNO Type Mappings [#tfb96a86]


|UNO Type|OOo Basic|Python|Java|C++|Description |
|void|internal type|(None)|void|void|Empty type, used only as method return type and in any.|
|boolean|Boolean|bool|boolean|sal_Bool|Can be true or false.|
|byte|Integer|long|byte|sal_Int8|Signed 8-bit integer type (ranging from -128 to 127, inclusive). |
|short|Integer|long|short|sal_Int16|Signed 16-bit integer type (ranging from −32768 to 32767, inclusive). |
|long|Long|long|int|sal_Int32|Signed 32-bit integer type (ranging from −2147483648 to 2147483647, inclusive). |
|hyper|internal type|long|long|sal_Int64|Signed 64-bit integer type (ranging from −9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807, inclusive). |
|float|Single|float|float|float|IEC 60559 single precision floating point type. |
|double|Double|float|double|double|IEC 60559 double precision floating point type. |
|char|internal type|uno.Char|char|sal_Unicode|Represents individual Unicode characters (more precisely: individual UTF-16 code units). |
|string|String|unicode|java.lang.String|rtl::OUString|Represents Unicode strings (more precisely: strings of Unicode scalar values). |
|type|;reflection.XIdlClass|uno.Type|;uno.Type|com::sun::star::&br;uno::Type|Meta type that describes all UNO types. |
|any|Variant|(uno.Any)|java.lang.Object/&br;;uno.Any|com::sun::star::&br;uno::Any|Special type that can represent values of all other types. |


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