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*Shortcut Keys [#f1453ce6]
**Shortcut Keys [#h0b173be]
Some shortcut keys can be used in the information edit.

|Enter|Get/Set a value or call a method|
|Alt + LEFT|Go back|
|Alt + RIGHT|Go forward|
|Ctrl + P|Properties scope|
|Ctrl + M|Methods scope|
|Ctrl + I|Interfaces scope|
|Ctrl + S|Services scope|
|Ctrl + R|Open IDL Reference|
|Ctrl + F|Change the focus to the search edit|
|Ctrl + Q|Select a whole current line|
|Ctrl + W|Select a word|
|Ctrl + A|Select all|
|Ctrl + V|Sort|
|Ctrl + B|Abbreviated|
|Ctrl + D|Detailed|
|Ctrl + H|Show/Hide code field|

A few shortcut keys do not work depends on your window environment.
**Modifier Keys [#jf6f67d3]
When you double click the information edit of the MRI window, a few modifier keys can be used.

|Ctrl|Open the object that will be taken by the operation (only interfaces and structs) in new MRI window.|
|Shift|Invalid the double click action.|
|Alt or Ctrl + Shift|Change the mode to do something about properties temporary.|

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