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*フィルター名 [#faad72ad]
Writer で使用できるフィルター名

,AportisDoc (Palm),pdb,AportisDoc Palm DB,○,○,-
,Hangul WP 97,hwp,writer_MIZI_Hwp_97,○,-,-
,HTML Document (StarOffice Writer),html,HTML (StarWriter),○,○,-
,Ichitaro 8/9/10/11,jtd,writer_JustSystem_Ichitaro_10,○,-,-
,Ichitaro 8/9/10/11 Template,jtt,writer_JustSystem_Ichitaro_10_template,○,-,-
,Lotus 1-2-3 1.0 DOS (StarOffice Writer),wk1 wks,Lotus 1-2-3 1.0 (DOS) (StarWriter),○,-,-
,Lotus 1-2-3 1.0 WIN (StarOffice Writer),wk1 wks,Lotus 1-2-3 1.0 (WIN) (StarWriter),○,-,-
,Microsoft Excel 4.0 (StarOffice Writer),xls,MS Excel 4.0 (StarWriter),○,-,-
,Microsoft Excel 5.0 (StarOffice Writer),xls,MS Excel 5.0 (StarWriter),○,-,-
,Microsoft Excel 95 (StarOffice Writer),xls,MS Excel 95 (StarWriter),○,-,-
,Microsoft MacWord 3.0,,MS MacWord 3.0 (W4W),○,-,-
,Microsoft MacWord 4.0,,MS MacWord 4.0 (W4W),○,-,-
,Microsoft MacWord 5.x,,MS MacWord 5.x (W4W),○,-,-
,Microsoft WinWord 1.x,,MS WinWord 1.x (W4W),○,-,-
,Microsoft WinWord 2.x,,MS WinWord 2.x (W4W),○,-,-
,Microsoft WinWord 5,doc,MS WinWord 5,○,-,-
,Microsoft Word 3.x,,MS Word 3.x (W4W),○,-,-
,Microsoft Word 4.x,,MS Word 4.x (W4W),○,-,-
,Microsoft Word 5.x,,MS Word 5.x (W4W),○,-,-
,Microsoft Word 6.0,doc,MS WinWord 6.0,○,○,-
,Microsoft Word 6.x,,MS Word 6.x (W4W),○,-,-
,Microsoft Word 95,doc,MS Word 95,○,○,-
,Microsoft Word 95 Template,dot,MS Word 95 Vorlage,○,-,-
,Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP,doc,MS Word 97,○,○,-
,Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP Template,dot,MS Word 97 Vorlage,○,-,-
,PDF - Portable Document Format,pdf,writer_pdf_Export,-,○,-
,Pocket Word,psw,PocketWord File,○,○,-
,Rich Text Format,rtf,Rich Text Format,○,○,-
,StarOffice 6.0 Text Document,sxw,StarOffice XML (Writer),○,○,-
,StarOffice 6.0 Text Document Template,stw,writer_StarOffice_XML_Writer_Template,○,○,-
,StarWriter 3.0,sdw,StarWriter 3.0,○,○,-
,StarWriter 3.0 Template,vor,StarWriter 3.0 Vorlage/Template,○,○,-
,StarWriter 4.0,sdw,StarWriter 4.0,○,○,-
,StarWriter 4.0 Template,vor,StarWriter 4.0 Vorlage/Template,○,○,-
,StarWriter 5.0,sdw,StarWriter 5.0,○,○,-
,StarWriter 5.0 Template,vor,StarWriter 5.0 Vorlage/Template,○,○,-
,StarWriter DOS,txt,StarWriter DOS,○,-,-
,Text Encoded,txt,Text (encoded),○,○,-
,WordPerfect (Win) 5.1-5.2,wpd,WordPerfect (Win) 5.1-5.2 (W4W),○,-,-
,WordPerfect (Win) 6.0,wpd,WordPerfect (Win) 6.0 (W4W),○,-,-
,WordPerfect (Win) 6.1,wpd,WordPerfect (Win) 6.1 (W4W),○,-,-
,WordPerfect (Win) 7.0,wpd,WordPerfect (Win) 7.0 (W4W),○,-,-
,WordPerfect 4.1,wpd,WordPerfect 4.1 (W4W),○,-,-
,WordPerfect 4.2,wpd,WordPerfect 4.2 (W4W),○,-,-
,WordPerfect 5.0,wpd,WordPerfect 5.0 (W4W),○,-,-
,WordPerfect 5.1,wpd,WordPerfect 5.1 (W4W),○,-,-
,WordPerfect 6.0,wpd,WordPerfect 6.0 (W4W),○,-,-
,WordPerfect 6.1,wpd,WordPerfect 6.1 (W4W),○,-,-
,WPS 2000/Office 1.0,wps,writer_WPSSystem_WPS2000_10,○,-,-
,OpenDocument Template,ott,writer8_template,○,○,-
,Microsoft Word 2003 XML,xml,writer_MS_Word_2003_XML,○,○,-

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