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*通貨フィールド [#vb8f1d3b]



**プロパティ [#g1f17d9f]
***通貨 [#y57758b7]
**コントローラ [#xb6a9968]


**currencyfield [#xae2134e]


-double getValue	()
-void setValue	( [in] double Value )
-void setStrictFormat	( [in] boolean bStrict )
-void setLast	( [in] long Date )
-long getLast	()
-long getMax	()
-long getMin	()
-boolean isEmpty	()
-void setEmpty	()
-void setMin	( [in] long Date )
-void first	()
-void last	()
-void down	()
-void up	()
-void enableRepeat	( [in] boolean bRepeat )
-short getDecimalDigits	()
-void setDecimalDigits	( [in] short nDigits )
-double getSpinSize	()
-void setSpinSize	( [in] double Value )

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