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ReSizePlus Jump to Japanese Version Edit

How do you change size of the object on the document to x3 or x1/4, if you need it? ReSizePlus library resizes the selected object by ratio specification. This is able to running at Calc and Writer, Draw, Impress. The macro is created using the dialog.

It installs in the application library of and performs.

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Example of drawing Edit


Install Edit

A file is opened by Draw. Please click and install an installation button.

How to use? Edit

Choose the draw and text object which are editable on a document of Please perform "ReSizePlus" of the "ReSizePlus" module of the "ReSizePlus" library from "Menu"--"Tool"--"Macro...". It will be convenient, if it registers with a menu or you add to a tool bar as an icon.

Why did it make? Edit

"Draw" is the full-scale draw tool which can also use a Bezier curve. However, if it was going to operate it with the feeling, it cannot be convinced to operativity. Since it thought whether to lead to the future improvement in operativity, it wrote on the macro.

misc Edit

As a hidden function, if a language setup of OpenOffice is changed into "Japanese" from "standard", the display of a dialog will change to the Japanese notation. It created by acquiring "AccessibleContext.Locale" of a dialog object.

I am allowed to use for installation of a library LibInstaller which Mr. Hanya created. Thank you. --Takashi.Kawai?

comment Edit

  • Line width and a coating attribute added about 3D Object. -- T.K? 2005-03-17 (木) 17:15:05

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