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Properties Edit

You can see properties' information of UNO objects.

When you select Properties scope, information of the current target object is shown like the image below.


Looking at Property Informations Edit

Properties are listed every line in the information edit.

Name                   Type     Value           Info.  Attr.     Handle
CharFontName           string   Times New Roman        Maybevoid   27  
AvailableServiceNames  []string -SEQUENCE-      Pseud  ReadOnly   151

In the case of CharFontName property, type of its value is "string", value is "Times New Roman", no Info., property value is "Maybevoid" and having "27" handle value.

Next AvailableServiceNames property has "[]string" type value means a sequence of string type value. Its value is shown like "-SEQUENCE-" means -type- value can not be converted to string. Its Info. column shows "Pseud" describing this property is a pseud property (see below about pseud property).

Pseudo Property Edit

There are two types of properties. One is normal property. And another one is maped by the instrospection and these properties are called "pseud property". For example getArgs method is maped to Args property and it is pseud property. Pseud properties do not have their entries in interface, therefore, you can not to get these property values through XPropertySet interface (getPropertyValue and setPropertyValue methods can not use to get these property values).

MRI uses XPropertySet interface of the target to get its property values, therfore, values of pseud properties are not able to get. However pseud properties are used frequently in codes. Therefore MRI calls the base method of the pseud property when you call a pseud property in the convenient purpose.

If you want to know about Attribute well, see constants group. Handle is used to get a property value through interface.

In the case of a property having a string type value, CR and LF are replaced by "\r" and "\n". And long texts are abbreviated.

Special Notations Edit

Sometimes MRI shows special notations in the type, value and information of a property.

In the type information, these notation is used.

[]typeSequence of valuetype

These notations are shown in the value informations.

""Empty string.
-void-No value.
-UPPERCASE-Value could not be converted to the string type.
-Error-Error raised when its value was taken.

Pseud or other informations are there and listed in the table below.

PseudPseud property.
-----Its value could not to get.
IgnoredListed in the ignored list of properties.

Getting Property Values Edit

Set the mode to "Get" from the Mode menu of the MRI window and double click a line shows a name of a property that you want to get its value. MRI shows values according to the typeclass of the properties.

Setting Property Values Edit

If mode is set to "Set", you can set a property value having numerical, string, enmu or boolean type value.


When you double click a line, the property is not readonly and it has numerical, string, enum or boolean value, the dialog box is shown. Input a new value of the property in its editbox. A inputted value is converted to appropriate type value for the property.

Boolean type value is converted in this rule, 0 or false: False, 1 or true: True and others: False (string type notation is compared in its lower-case).

If the property is pseud property, the method corresponds to the property is called. See Methods Needing Arguments section about calling a method.

When you set a property value, MRI reloads the information of the property and tries to keep the carret position and scrolled value of the information edit.

Modifier Keys Edit

You can get or set property values by double clicking on the information edit. You can use Ctrl and Alt keys as modifire key.

CtrlSuppress actions caused by double clickings.
AltTemporary, change the mode Get to Set or Set to Get.

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