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Shortcut Keys Edit

Shortcut Keys Edit

Some shortcut keys can be used in the information edit.

EnterGet/Set a value or call a method
Alt + LEFTGo back
Alt + RIGHTGo forward
Ctrl + PProperties scope
Ctrl + MMethods scope
Ctrl + IInterfaces scope
Ctrl + SServices scope
Ctrl + ROpen IDL Reference
Ctrl + FChange the focus to the search edit
Ctrl + QSelect a whole current line
Ctrl + WSelect a word
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + VSort
Ctrl + BAbbreviated
Ctrl + DDetailed
Ctrl + HShow/Hide code field

A few shortcut keys do not work depends on your window environment.

Modifier Keys Edit

When you double click the information edit of the MRI window, a few modifier keys can be used.

CtrlOpen the object that will be taken by the operation (only interfaces and structs) in new MRI window.
ShiftInvalid the double click action.
Alt or Ctrl + ShiftChange the mode to do something about properties temporary.

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