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Installation Edit

Installation Edit

  • Requirements (2.4 or later) with Python-UNO bridge installation. Python (2.3.4).

If you are using 2.0 - 2.3, use version 0.4.x.

Install MRI.oxt extension package using Extension Manager from Tools - Extension Manager....

After installation, you have to restart your to function well. If you use the Quickstarter, stop it once.

If you do not have Py-UNO bridge installation, you see the error message shown below. You need to install Python-UNO component.

"ImplementationRegistration::registerImplementation() - The service cannnot be instantiated"

If you get the following error, you have problems in your installation.
"({{Message = "pythonloader: couldn't find core element pythonloader.Loader", Contex = ( @0}}

Updating Edit

If you want to upgrade MRI, do not overwrite old one. And install new version of MRI after uninstallation of old one and restarting If you do not restart, the exception raises like below.

Updating procedure:

  1. Close all MRI window and all documents.
  2. Uninstall old version of MRI using Extension Manager.
  3. Restart completely. (Don't forget to stop the Quickstarter)
  4. Install MRI using Extension Manager.
  5. Restart again.

If you do not restar before the installation of new MRI, Extension Manager raises an error.


If you encounter with it, uninstall MRI.oxt package and restart before installation.

If the error do not resolved, try this procedure:

  1. Uninstall MRI from Extension Manager if it is remained.
  2. Restar
  3. Open Extension Manager and double click the context (My Extensions or Extensions). Only extending the tree view.
  4. Restart another.
  5. Install MRI according to the installation section.

You can update MRI by overwrite older one on the 2.4 or later.

UnInstallation Edit

Remove MRI.oxt package using Extension Manager from Tools - Extension Manager...

Attach file: filenon_python.png 489 download [Information] fileinstallation-exception.png 482 download [Information]

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