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Configuration Edit

Choose the Configuration... entry of the Tools menu. When you select it, the configuration dialog is opened. Change settings and push OK button to store and to enable new settings. If you push cancel button, MRI dose nothing.

Configurations are completely changed between version 0.4 and 0.5. You need to set your values according to your environment.


SDK Directory Edit

If you have SDK installation, select its top most directory (there is docs directory inside). For example:


If you don't have it, input like the following:

Changed from IDL directory to SDK directory between version 0.4 and 0.5.

Browser Path Edit

You have to set your browser path, if you want to open IDL References from MRI. Push the Select button and select your browser file. Input your browser executable path in an URL notation.

If you want to use Konqueror as your browser, input the command written below instead of the browser path.

kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing

Font Name and Character Size of Information Edit Edit

Input a font name and character size you want to use in the information edit. Non-proportional fonts are recommended, like a "Courier" font. MRI don't mention the font name is valid that you input in, therefore input a name of a font correctly.

Window Size and Position Edit

MRI can store initial position and size of the MRI window. When the configuration dialog is opened, there is the edit box showing comma separated values. These values mean the position and size of the current MRI window in the order of x,y,width,height. If you want to store these values as the initial position and size of the MRI window, check the checkbox placed in right side of the edit box (its label shows "Save position and size of the window").

Save states of Tools options Edit

If this check box is checked when you push the OK button of the MRI configuration dialog, Sorted, Abbreviated and Detailed options' states are stored.

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