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Behaviors by Value Types Edit

MRI gets values from UNO objects and passes values to UNO objects.

In this section, these terms are used. TypeClass is based on enums.

boolean valueBOOLEAN
string valueCHAR, STRING
enum valueENUM

Inputted Values Edit

MRI can be set proprety values and call methods with arguments. When you want to set a property value, you need to input new value of it. MRI can be handle numeric, string, enum and boolean type value to set.

Numeric Types Edit

When you input a numeric valu as a string type value, MRI converts its value type according to TypeClass of a property or an argument.

For example, CharHeight property has float type value.

(Name)                   (Value Type)         (Value)   
CharHeight               float                16.0 

If you want to set its value to 10.0 pt, you can input only "10" (without double quote). MRI converts it to float type value and set CharHeight property to 10.0 by the calling the setPropertyValue method of the target.

String Types Edit

You can input string type value using your keyboard.

Enum Types Edit

In the case of HoriJustify property of a cell on a spreadsheet, this property needs type and now it has value STANDARD.

(Name)              (Value Type)                             (Value)   
HoriJustify       STANDARD

Now you change its value from STANDARD to LEFT, input only "LEFT" without type.

You can also input "left" because MRI converts your inputted value to upper-case string.


You can see the its IDL Reference page using the Ref. button on the dialog.

Boolean Types Edit

You can input 1 as True, 0 as False.

True1, True
False0, False and others

Inputted values converted into lower-case strings before the judgement of its boolean value.

Struct Types Edit

You can set struct type values that have only numeric, string, boolean and enum type elements.


BottomBorder property of a cell object has four elements.

(Name)            (Value Type)          (Value)   
BottomBorder      .table.BorderLine     -STRUCT-  

Elements of BottomBorder property are:

(Name)                (Value Type)          (Value)    (AccessMode)
Color                 long                  255        [ReadWrite]
InnerLineWidth        short                 55         [ReadWrite]
LineDistance          short                 0          [ReadWrite]
OuterLineWidth        short                 0          [ReadWrite]

When you try to set its value, the dialog box is shown below.


Input values after "," (comma) every elements. Now you can not use any comma and any line feed characters in a string type value.

These values are converted according to their typeclass and are set to the struct.

You can use Ref. button to see its IDL Reference on the dialog.

Given Values Edit

MRI gets values from properties or returned values of calling methods of UNO objects. Behaviors of MRI depends on passed values are explained in this section.

Objects and Interfaces Edit

Objects and interfaces are shown as a target in the same MRI window. And after the update the target, history listbox is updated too.

A type of an object is always shown as an interface type.

Structs Edit

MRI can shows structs like objects and interfaces but a struct having only element. MRI maps elements to properties scope. If a target is a struct, you can get its element's value by double clicking of the line showing an element name you want to get its value.

Enums Edit

Enums are shown as their string expressions separated in two parts its type and value.

Numeric Values Edit

Numerical values are shown as a string type on the same dialog.

Strings and Chars Edit

Strings and chars are shown directory in the edit on the dialog.

Sequences Edit

Non multidimensional sequences and arrays having numerical values or strings as contents are shown as a string. When contents are objects, interfaces or structs, MRI make user to select an element index and show it as the target.

Types Edit

In the Py-UNO, a Type value is non UNO object but instance of a Python class (uno.Type see file). Therefore MRI can not handle it like an UNO object.

Attach file: filebehavior-struct.png 338 download [Information] filebehavior-enum2.png 354 download [Information] filebehavior-enum.png 338 download [Information]

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