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Code Edit

Descriptions about code generations.

Sometimes generated code is not executable without modifications. MRI can be called from UNO components, a scripting code, menu entries and so on, and MRI does not know how to be called. So, it is difficult to generate complete code.

Code Menu Edit

You can the Code menu in the Tools menu entry. Check in the Tools - Code - Code entry to show the code text field. The code text field is shown below the information text field and it can be resized by the dragging the border. Or double click with the right click of your mouse at the right bottom corner of the information text field. Or push Ctrl + H keys on the information edit.

Code Type Edit

A few kind of code can be chose from Tools - Code menu.

Pseud Property Edit

If selected scripting language supports pseud-property, code is generated with pseud-property call.

Notices Edit

MRI tries to get the type of the value from Type information, XMethodIdl interface and Reflection API, but sometimes there are less-typed values like an any type. Typically, struct has string Name value, any Value and so on, the value retained by Value element is not well defined by the object. Sometimes they are defined by other service like etc. So, you need to check their type of values taken from any type. The same problems are there at methods return any type value.

Sometimes numerical values are miss typed.

Adding A New Code Generator Edit

You can add a new code generator.

Open the extension installed directory and goto the pythonpath/mytools_Mri/generators directory. Make a new code generator according to "" file and add new generator definition to "" file.

New generator will be shown in the Tools - Code menu.

Additional informations about code generators:

  • You needs to know type mappings between UNO and your desired language like a listed TypeMappings?.
  • Needs to know values creation on your desired language like structs, enums, services and so on.

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