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-''サマリ'': UNO-JSON-RPC
-''環境'': Other
-''状態'': 投稿
-''投稿者'': [[はにゃ?]]
-''投稿日'': 2011-09-22 (木) 02:08:13
*** 質問 [#xf8b89c3]
You can connect to your office and automate it in a language which supports JSON-RPC.


&ref(UNOJSONRPC-0.1.0.oxt); # 20110922

Clients for Python、Ruby、Lua、PHP.

&ref(UNOJSONRPCClients-0.1.0.tar.gz); # 20110922

How to use? Install extension package through extension manager of the office. Start your office like the following: 
 >soffice "service:mytools.connection.JSONRPC?start:localhost:12345"
After that, connect to the office from your JSON-RPC client.

- ToDo
-- Expired

Why there is Python's client? You can not connect using PyUNO binding with different version of Python shipped by the office. But this UNO-JSON-RPC allows it.
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