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* Luaj Scripting [#ifb304f1]
To writer Scripting Framework Script in Luaj which implements Lua language in Java.
- Luaj:

Luaj Script Provider
-&ref(LuajScriptProvider-0.2.2-beta.oxt); 20100814
-- Based on Luaj 2.0 beta 2

** Requirements [#d9e31e9f]
- JRE 6

** Installation [#waf19195]
- Install the extension package from Tools - Extension Manager.

** Usage [#w31e73bc]
Read extension help using online help from Help menu. You can find Luaj Scripting entry in the contents of the help window.

** To Do [#rd66bbc3]
- Small editor.
- Method invocation.
- Extends uno module.
- Using bcel to work with Java byte code.

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