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*Ignored Lists [#obd346f5]

There are properties having funny value and crashes when their values are refered. And a few interfaces are there that MRI can not handle them.


**Ignored Properties [#dbb84daf]
MRI ignores some properties to get their values in the information edit.

|Property Name|Description|h
|ActiveLayer|Boolean value returns as pyuno object.|
|ClientMap|Causes error depends on|
|FontSlant|Diffrence between value type and its value. Its value type is short but property value is an enum of|
|PropertyToDefault|Always exception raises.|
**Ignored Methods [#tc46c950]
No entries.

**Ignored Interfaces [#v4ddfd6f]
These interfaces can not be inspected by MRI.

|Interface Name|Description|
||When services  getTypes method is called through Py-UNO, crashes. If you use OOo Basic, you can forget this issue.|

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