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MRI Edit

MRI is an instrspection tool of UNO objects on

MRI is an UNO service so that it can be used easily from any other languages.

If you found buggs or you have any questions, please write in Comments page.

Extension Package Edit

Needs Py-UNO installation.

For 3.0.x -

These versions are not well maintained below.

For 2.4.x -

For 2.0.x - 2.3.x

Installation | Updating

License Edit


Documentation Edit

Online Documentation

Screenshots Edit


Attach file: fileMRI-1.0.1.oxt 775 download [Information] fileMRI-0.5.4.oxt 424 download [Information] fileMRI-0.4.3.oxt 2090 download [Information] fileMRI.update.xml 1274 download [Information] filelicense.txt 1171 download [Information]

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